Interview as if you are hiring a new advertising agency! Have you ever noticed that advertising agencies must "pitch" their ideas to a company in order to earn their business? Why not job candidates too?

Interview like a purchasing agent selects vendors! Sending out an RFP (Request for Proposal) to prospective vendors is commonplace in many companies today. Why are you not asking your job candidates to do the same? The proposal would focus on what they can do for you instead of just a deluxe version of their resume. The top three benefits:

  1. You will easily determine during the first 5 minutes of the first interview which person is the most creative, intelligent and prepared candidate. 
  2. The burden of proof shifts to the candidate for a good interview - not your own interviewing skills.
  3. Discrimination issues are minimized because the candidate has a significantly better chance of demonstrating their abilities without regard to the gender or race.

Finally, Hiring Tools for the Hiring Manager - at no cost to you! This is simply our way of promoting the
wWWoW!™ interview methodology. 

For decades, hiring managers have had to rely on gut instinct and chemistry in the interview process while the tools for screening were given to the human resource professionals. 

The LittonGroup will share our proven methods to help you improve your interview methods. Today, managers have focused primarily on asking questions with behavioral interviews that require practice and training. Unfortunately, most hiring managers do not have the time to stay current with their training. This results in poor hiring decisions.

Let's face it, the interview process is flawed. Questions and answers are readily available from bookstores. This creates canned, superficial responses from candidates. Our solution? Require wwWoW!™ presentations from all of your candidates. 

Effective Immediately You Can:

  • Require custom wWWoW! Presentations from your candidates during the hiring manager interview.
  • Compliment the hiring manager's existing methods.
  • Have weaker candidates screen themselves out of the interview process.
  • Save time, money and poor hiring decisions.

Call us today to learn how you can incorporate wwWoW!™ Presentations into your next interview. This is currently a free service to all employers.





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