Before wWWoW!™:

    1. Asking good questions during an interview is the best way for you to impress the hiring manager.
    2. You ask questions during the interview to learn more about the job.
    3. You view the company web site as the best way to prepare for the interview.
    4. You have a 15% chance to win the job.

After wWWoW!™ training:

  1. You turn down the opportunity to ask questions.
  2. You do all your research before going to the interview not during it.
  3. You deliver a wWWoW! Presentation.
  4. You increase your success of generating a job offer over 300%.


If you knew you could generate a job offer 46% of the time who would you interview with? How would this change your job searching efforts?

Most job seekers tell us that it fundamentally changes their job search activities. They begin to target companies directly instead of waiting for call backs from places where resumes were randomly sent. One job seeker said he even felt like he had a secret weapon in his back pocket.

In order to generate a job offer today you must differentiate yourself. You must be the most prepared. The most exciting. Everyone tells you this-but how?

Hiring Managers tell us that job seekers all do the same things. Everyone reads the same interviewing books, comes to the interview to talk about their resume, and most come to the interview to learn more about the job. This is your opportunity to shine!

Be different by being the most prepared, creative, intelligent and passionate candidate by wowing them with your wWWOW! Presentation. Generate job offers during the interview instead of generating more information about the job. Eliminate "practice Interviewing" from your vocabulary and you will begin to win job offers.

What if everyone took this training?
They won't. But don't get caught competing for a job with someone who is using
wWWOW! Your chances of getting an offer are slim.

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