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Since 1997, thousands of job seekers have learned from The LittonGroup how to win job offers. Professional job seekers representing dozens of industries have discovered that being the most prepared, passionate and qualified candidate (PPQ) are the traits to win a job.  Dozens of corporations have used The LittonGroup to recruit candidates or provide outplacement services using the wwWoW! methodology. What started out as a volunteer effort to help a few people has turned into a methodology that has helped thousands. 

With over 14 years of successful corporate sales management experience The LittonGroup reinvented the job interview for job seekers so they can differentiate themselves and get what they are qualified for. The LittonGroup has succeeded by teaching professionals in-transition the most dynamic outplacement methods available anywhere today. 

The LittonGroup believes that the interview is a sales call - no matter what profession you are in. We stumbled on the fact that practically every interview product has been written by people who had absolutely no professional sales or sales management experience. This motivated us to spend literally thousands of hours packaging, testing and refining sales presentation methods so job seekers everywhere could "Win with WoW!"

Most hiring managers find the job interview to be just a stale "Q&A" session. Anyone can memorize questions and answers! They want to be blown away! 

Having successfully "wow'ed" hiring managers to win jobs himself, Jay Litton, originally founded The LittonGroup to teach others. Now that the LittonGroup has expanded beyond that original vision it is managed by Donna Litton. The LittonGroup can dramatically change the way you interview whether you are an employer or a job seeker.

Jay Litton continues to lead one of the largest job networking groups in the State of Georgia with over 120 employed volunteers in which many participate in a program called Industry Guides at www.RUMCjobnetworking.com. They donate their time to help over one hundred job seekers network in their industry or company every 2 weeks. Jay also donates his time helping other churches learn how to set up their own volunteer "Industry Guide" job networking ministry.


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Previous News Releases on our Volunteer Work: 

The Alpharetta-Roswell Revue & News, May 16-20, 2002
About 35 people take their seats in a Roswell United Methodist Church meeting room - white, black, men, women, young and old - all with the same quest. They want to find a career, not just a job.

Jay Litton, a corporate hiring manager with 14 years experience leads the session. He knows what hiring managers are looking for and how to impress them. He passes along these tips and also suggests some recommended reading, other job networking locations and Web sites that list jobs. "More than 80 percent of all jobs out there are unadvertised." Litton tells his group. "You need to meet people and get contacts."
One of the exercises Litton takes people through is the "elevator pitch" and the "sound bite." The elevator pitch is that 20 second summary you might give someone about what you do and what you are looking for. The sound bite is what Litton calls a quick introduction that will make the other person curious about you. "Whether it is at a cocktail party or the job interview itself, a job-seeker is ahead of the game if the other person wants to know about you." Litton said.

Atlanta Journal Constitution, Business, May 4, 2002
At Roswell United Methodist Church, members of a career networking group are more optimistic about the economy, said leader Jay Litton. Even the members who don't yet have jobs are at least landing interviews.

"There was a was desperation in the February time frame," he said.

Wesleyan Christian Advocate, April 15, 2002
Dozens, maybe hundreds, of out-of-work metro Atlantans are recovering from job loss, thanks to Roswell United Methodist Church's decade-old job networking ministry. "In the middle of 2000, two or three people showed up at our meetings, but we thought, "if we're helping a few people then it's still a worthy cause," said program coordinator Jay Litton. "Last May our average was 30. Last November it rose to 40 people. By January the numbers were in the 60s. A couple of weeks ago it hit 107," said Litton.

"When someone's out of work, it affects family, friends, not to mention themselves, and we want to give them skills to cope with that and get back on their feet," he said. "Today reading about a job in the paper and interviewing isn't getting the results of the past. A majority of jobs come through networking," continued Litton. "We let them know what to do to be successful at networking."

North Fulton Living, February/March 2002
Here in North Fulton County, Rotary members are helping to ease the strain of lost jobs and an uncertain economy. "Unemployment is expensive," said Jay Litton at a recent club meeting. "It is to everyone's advantage to help people who are out of work."

Litton encourages displaced employees to let people know that they are looking for work. And he encourages the community to provide an ear and suggestions, whenever possible. One of the great advantages of being associated with Rotary is the Networking opportunities. While we may know nothing about the type of work someone is looking for, we may know people who do.

Atlanta Journal Constitution, Business, February 8, 2002
Attendance has increased more than 1,000 percent at career help meetings sponsored by Roswell United Methodist Church. The job/networking advisers include Tom Hoffman, John Harper, Vernon Brown, Neal Reynolds, Cynthia Hillman and Jay Litton.

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