What would it mean to you if 100% of the candidates that want to "practice their interviewing skills on you" were automatically eliminated from the interviewing process? That's one of the key services The LittonGroup provides. Imagine if all your candidates came to the interview with wwWoW! proposals? How much simpler would your decision be? We are currently offering this consulting service as a free service to all employers.

Additional  Custom Programs:

    • Pre-screening of candidates
    • Recruiting - contingency and retained searches
    • Background checks and assessment testing

For more information go to: www.littongroup.com/assessment. Otherwise, contact us directly with your specific needs at 678-358-8050 or email at info@littongroup.com.

Do you want to generate job offers? We specialize in low-cost, high impact and proven programs that help professional job seekers generate job offers in all industries. Do you believe that your next interview is really a sales call? If so, then you should consider having an "interview sales training" company like The LittonGroup help you win that next interview.  This is training for all job seekers in all professions! 

wWWoW!™ Live 5-Hour Interview Workshop - $149.00 (Atlanta area)
This is the most powerful workshop in the United States today for helping job seekers professionally differentiate themselves. Learn how to research, create and present a wwWoW! proposal during your next job interview. Hiring managers want to hire candidates that are the most prepared, passionate and qualified. So how do you communicate that in an interview? Words alone won't work. You do it by presenting a wwWoW! proposal. Register before your next interview.

wWWoW!™ Live Interview Workshop (For those who live outside metro Atlanta)
You don't live in the Atlanta area but you are ready to take this dynamic workshop. Please call us for information on how we can deliver this workshop to your small group in person or over the internet with a Live Webcast. Call us at 678-358-8050 for more information. 

Customized wWWoW! Creation - $750.00
Your important interview is coming up in the next few days or you live outside of the Atlanta area.  Consult directly with The LittonGroup to create your customized wwWoW!
proposal. We will walk you through all the steps and help you through a specific interview! Requires Microsoft Word or PowerPoint software and an email address. Call us directly to sign-up or email us at info@littongroup.com

Career Advice Services - Packages start at $175.00
Do you need individual help? Give us a call to learn how some customized career advice can propel you to the next level. Please call us at 678-358-8050 so we can understand your specific needs.99 if you have paid for !™Webcast training

Overcome Being Called "Overqualified" - $24.00 Audio CD Recorded TeleSeminar.
Have you ever gone on an interview only to be told "you are not a good fit?" Is this possibly employer code for "you are overqualified?" This special 58 minute Audio CD was especially created for those of you where age discrimination, being called "overqualifed" or where your previous higher salary is an obstacle during your interviews. To learn more go to: www.littongroup.com/overqualified. You will not find this information anywhere else! To order just email us at info@littongroup.com and ask for this CD.

Resume Reconstruction - Contact Execume
Our CareerWeaving alliance partner is Gayle Oliver of www.execume.com. For the best in resume work consider her services. Her resumes generate interviews. Then to close interviews consider a wWWoW!™ Workshop. Mention The LittonGroup when you call Execume.

Refer your candidates to the next wwWoW!™Workshop or call us for a customized webcast. If you refer good books for them to read why not refer them to the next wwWoW!™ Workshop so they can win the job?


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