I used the WOW! system, got the job, and started that day! I wanted to tell you about it and share with others because it was great.
Terri Rankin, Roswell, GA

I used your system twice for two different companies I was interviewing with at the same time. The reaction I received in both cases was truly amazing. I was actually able to generate a bidding war for salary.
Bill Widis, Atlanta,GA

I used the "Win the Job with WOW!" process and guess what, I won the job with WOW! To quote the VP of Global Sales of the company that I was interviewing with and from whom I received an offer, "... showing me how you would sell our products and services clearly put you head and shoulders above all the other candidates for this position. I have never been as impressed with a candidate nor had such an enjoyable interview as I did with you."
Jon Moskowitz, New York, NY

At the interview I was told that "I blew their socks off!"
Allen Becker, Marietta, GA

The hiring manager said she'd never had an interview anything like this before. "I've never had a candidate that was so well prepared and really knew the business." "You obviously want to work here." "She said 'wow' about three times.
Arline Newlove, Alpharetta, GA

The district manager told me that no one had ever done anything like the presentation I did at the interview. ...his attitude totally changed...
Dan Oates, Evansville, IN

WOW! differentiates the candidates... the one who is anxious to get the job for the pay and the one who shows they are smart, uses creativity to get the job ....
Alan Urech, Marietta, GA

I feel with a very high degree of confidence that all the unemployed who attend a WOW workshop will have their socks knocked off! What a relief it has been to actually have a plan that does not include responding with thousands of other candidates to postings.
Christopher Thornton, Marietta, GA

... this new knowledge and method had a major impact on my search. [It] is a fantastic confidence builder....
Rob Busey, Woodstock, GA

If anyone doubts the WOW! strategy, I shall be happy to witness at any time.
Fred Mayo, Marietta, GA

"I used wwWoW! and have gotten offers 3 out of 5 times. It works!"
Scott White, Roswell, GA




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